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The law related to the articles below may have changed since the articles were written, therefore an attorney should be consulted before relying on these articles. Also, some of the articles may refer to the previous Hunstville office and not the current Houston office.

Going to Prison In Texas

The key to success in prison is to understand the culture, staying out of other people's business and avoiding situations which lead to trouble.

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Current Parole Mandatory Supervision Eligibility Timeframes

The following information is based upon laws currently in effect.

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So you're thinking of hiring a parole attorney

Hiring a parole lawyer should be based on the same careful selection process as when a potential client is hiring any other licensed professional.

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What defense attorneys should know about parole in Texas

Processes and procedures of what to expect in the system.

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What Defense Attorneys Need to Know about Parole and Other Post-Conviction Administrative Matters

Parole and Plea Bargains: Hedging Your Bets

Minimizing Post Conviction Consequences of Sex Offenses

Traps & Pitfalls of Plea Bargains

Justice for All Behind the Walls: An Inmate Criminal Defense Primer

Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators

An example of how the process takes place.

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Time credit problems and other current issues in Texas prison and parole law

Part I and Part II will explain all issues that one might come across in the system.

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Can My Blue Warrant Be Lifted?

What About Parole on a Life Sentence on a Capital Murder Charge